Equipment related issues

Different products require different equipment, you can contact us to inform us of your product’s characteristics, output, workshop size, etc.

The main structure of our equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, and the evaporator is made of aluminum alloy. If the customer has higher special requirements, we can also customize it on demand.

Such as ISO9000 quality system certification, high-tech product certification, CE certification, etc.

In addition to our company website and social platforms, you can also contact us directly. If you want to see the usage of the equipment at the customer’s place, we can also arrange to visit their factory together with the permission of our customer.

Our products have undergone many years of technical improvement, and the operating steps are very simple. We will provide product manuals and conduct operating training for users after installing and debugging the equipment.

Before delivery, the final quality control team will also test the performance, speed and production of the machine under harsh conditions. According to the specifications of the machine, the average test time can be up to 5-7 days. In addition, our component suppliers run additional testing procedures for their products on our machines. We also provide pre-shipment inspection services. Some customers choose to come over to inspect the goods in person, and some customers choose to watch the inspection videos. These are the details of cooperation that we are happy to share with customers.

We are a high-quality freezing equipment manufacturer and are committed to turnkey project planning.

Our products are sold to many countries and regions in the world. Our main markets are European and Southeast Asian countries.

We mainly provide equipment and services for mid to high-end customers in the industry.

We have been participating in the world’s aquatic products exhibition and refrigeration exhibition.

We have the cost control advantage of the factory, but unlike ordinary factories, our company attaches great importance to the training of sales staff, the communication service ability of sales staff and the integration ability of the entire factory in the supply chain.

Company related issues

Other questions

Before the transaction, we will confirm the product plan contract with you, including product specifications, order price and payment method, and transportation methods; after you confirm, pay the deposit according to the contract. After the deposit is received, we will arrange production immediately. Before the delivery date, We will notify you of the payment; after the balance before delivery is received, we will arrange for loading and shipping by sea, and provide customs clearance information to assist you in customs clearance. After the goods arrive at your factory safely, we will send installation personnel to the scene or send video and pictures, text voice guidance for installation, commissioning, and use of training equipment according to the agreement.

This is based on different products and our production arrangements, usually three months.

The delivery period we promised to you is formulated based on the products you ordered and our current production plan, and is written into the contract terms. Before production, we will use Gantt chart for each production task to make a production schedule. , And strictly follow the implementation. The production department has a special person responsible for checking the implementation of the schedule. If you need, you can also send you the plan. During the execution of the order, the corresponding progress, pictures and videos will be sent to you for you You can keep track of the completion status of your order even in your own country.

Of course, as long as you want, you can visit our factory at any time. If you come, you need to inform us in advance and we will arrange for a driver to pick you up at the airport.

After signing the contract, you need to pay a 40% deposit, and the rest will be paid before shipment.

We all use export wooden boxes for binding.

The warranty period of our equipment is 1 year. If it is damaged due to our equipment’s own problems within one year, we will be responsible for repairing and replacing parts free of charge. If the equipment is damaged due to improper use and operation, we also provide on-site repairs, but you need to pay our related expenses.

After receiving your repair call, we will guide you through the phone or email to check and repair by yourself. If you cannot repair it yourself, then we will arrange for after-sales personnel to purchase air tickets to your company as soon as possible.




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