Plate Freezer

Contact plate freezer

Reference Price:

0.06-0.45 million (CNY)

Brief Introduction:

Self-contact Plate Freezer has its own screw or semi-closed refrigeration compressor unit, using the expansion valve for liquid supply, liquid supply uniform, with high refrigeration efficiency, fast freezing speed, easy to operate and other advantages. Contact plate freezer is a type of block quick freezing.

Application area:

Contact plate freezer is used in quick freezing of aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, pasta, meat and other food.


1.Contact plate freeezr has  its own refrigeration compressor, easy to operate.
2.The plates of contact plate freezer can be elevated by hydraulic cylinder; the food contacts the plates at both sides,the upper and lower surfaces of the product are flat and smooth. 
3.Contact plate freezer with high heat change efficiency, short freezing time, high freezing quality.
4.Double-sided door of contact plate freezer facilitate the entry and exit of frozen goods.

Shelf plate freezer

Reference Price:

0.06-0.3 million (CNY)

Brief Introduction:

Shelf plate freezer is also called air blast freezer. The shelf plate freezer adopts the double effect freezing mode of air blowing and contact to quickly freeze products. The shelf plate freezer is one type of BQF, and our factory finish its design and diagram by ourselves.

Application Area:

Used for quick freezing of aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, pasta, meat and other foods.

Structural Features:

1. High-strength pre-embedded frame of library body, overall high-density polyurethane foam
2. Special extruded special-shaped aluminum alloy shelf plate evaporator, with large heat exchange area and good thermal conductivity
3. Dedicated axial flow air cooler fully realizes air convection
4. Inside and outside all stainless steel storage body, sanitary and easy to clean.

Vertical plate freezer

Reference Price:

0.08-0.15 million (CNY)

Application Area:

Vertical plate freezer is used in quick freezing of aquatic products, meat, juice, fruit puree and other products with large moisture content on land or fishing boats.

Brief Introduction:

Vertical plate freezer is that pour the frozen products directly into the aluminum plate, defrost the plate after freezing, separate the plate from the frozen products, and then lift the frozen products and take them out.

Horizontal Plate freezer for Marine

Reference Price:

0.08-0.12 million (CNY)

Brief Introduction:

Marine horizontal plate freezer is used in boat and freezer trawlers with high effiency and less product loss. We can according to customer’s actual requirements and space limitation of non-standard design and manufacture marine horizontal plate freezer.

Application Area:

Horizontal plate freezer for marine is used in processing frozen fish fillets, surimi, shrimp, shellfish and other aquatic products and meat small packaging and other food on fishing boats.

Automatic Cleaning And Disinfection System

Brief Introduction:

Aiming at the difficult position of the plate freezer, two-dimensional cleaning and disinfection were used. Employees no longer have to sweat in the crowded space. Each cleaning and disinfection efficiency is 95%, total time is 20-50 minutes, cost is 50-120 RMB. Automatic cleaning and disinfection system is very convenient to clean plate freezer.

Freezing Frame and Tray

Reference Price:

200-300 (CNY)


Freezing frame and tray used in plate freezer is also for sale. It reduces the energy consumption of the frozen food in the subsequent refrigeration and the space occupied by the warehouse. At the same time, due to the pressure before freezing with plate freeezr, the amount of water added before freezing can be controlled in a smaller range, and the energy consumption and water consumption during freezing also decrease.

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