Food Processing & Freezing Equipments


Cooling and freezing

Pretreatment, cooling and freezing of shellfish, raw shrimp, cooked shrimp, shrimp, whole fish, fish fillets and surimi products

Cooling and freezing of dumplings,  steamed buns, pastries and other products

Cooling and freezing of stewed products, soup dumplings, condiment packets, prepared dishes, fast food, central kitchen distribution dishes and other products

Pretreatment and freezing of vegetables and fruits such as washing, cutting, etc.

Cooling and freezing processes of dough, cakes, bread, pizza, tarts and other fermented products

Cooling and freezing of ice cream, cream, cake, dessert, butter, emulsified oil, concentrated cream, custard and other products

Disinfection and CIP cleaning of beverage, dairy, purified water and other product lines

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a high-quality freezing equipment manufacturer and are committed to turnkey project planning. Our main business are spiral freezer, tunnel freezer, plate freezer, refrigeration unit, pretreatment and cleaning equipment for frozen food, cold storage.

Our products are sold to many countries and regions in the world. Our main markets are European and Southeast Asian countries.

Different products require different equipment, you can contact us to inform us of your product’s characteristics, freezing capacity, factory size, etc.




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