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Nantong Yurnfreeze Equipment Co.,Ltd is a supplier of complete quick-freezing equipment processing lines. Now we can provide optimized complete quick-freezing equipment processing lines to achieve good freezing effect, high output and low energy consumption.

This brings high value to our customers worldwide. Our after-sales service activities have also benefited from the expansion of the organization, and we are closer to customers than ever before.

We can provide an optimized complete quick-freezing equipment processing line​

Why work with us?

We have been looking for employees and agents who are willing to engage in the quick freezing equipment industry around the world, join our multicultural team and move towards our vision.
If you are interested, we welcome you to submit your resume and personal letter, and you can send your public application to info@yurnfreeze.com.


We are a high-quality freezing equipment manufacturer and are committed to turnkey project planning.


  • The engineers have many years of food refrigeration experience
  • Have the ability to integrate the food production supply chain
  • Advantages of factory cost control


  • Equipment can be inspected on site or by video during the production period
  • Help install and debug equipment
  • Dedicated after-sales team docking


  • ISO9000 quality system certification
  • High-tech product certification
  • CE certification…

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