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Freezing and pretreatment equipment for meat products: slicers, shredders, battering machines, coating machines, frying machines, IQF spiral freezer, IQF tunnel freezer, plate freezer, spiral cooler, tunnel cooler, etc. The meat processed by the pretreatment equipment passes through the conveying line to the quick freezing equipment for cooling and freezing.
According to different pretreatment methods, the temperature of meat products entering the quick-freezing equipment will be different. Fried high-temperature food needs to be cooled before freezing, and then enter the quick-freezing equipment after cooling, which can save costs.
According to the different freezing capacity, the IQF spiral freezer is recommended for 500kg/h-4000kg/h, and the IQF tunnel freezer for 2000kg/h and below, which can be selected. According to the actual area of ​​the plant, combined with the characteristics of the tunnel freezer and the spiral freezer, select the appropriate iqf freezer. The tunnel freezer is relatively long and spiral freezer is relatively high. If it is a new factory, you can contact us before construction. We have a wealth of practical experience in food factories and can provide free technical support to prevent you from ignoring the processing process and wasting energy.
If the finished meat products need to be frozen in large pieces, such as rectangular meat bricks, minced meat, etc., a plate freezer can be used. Plate freezer is also suitable for customers with smaller output and budget. Depending on the size and water content of the product, the general freezing capacity is 300kg/batch-1500kg/batch, about 3 hours each batch.
After the freezing is completed, the packaging is completed through the automatic packaging production line, and finally sent to the cold storage.






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